eGISS was founded in 2013 with a desire to become the first IT reseller being able to provide fast and reliable deliveries of specific IT devices to large global enterprises with multiple locations around the world.

In the years up to the founding of eGISS, it became more and more clear to the founders that these global companies were challenged by long delivery lead time, different pricing from country to country and furthermore managing several reseller relationships in each country depending on the devices needed.

At the same time, PC manufacturers and OEMs were challenged by being able to provide a “truly global” distribution model for their global/international customers.

Therefore, eGISS was founded with a clear vision of focusing only on one thing – our core business – providing a customer specific catalogue of IT devices that can be configured (if needed), delivered and invoiced at the same price all over the world from eGISS’s fully managed warehouses and legal entities around the world.