Who we are

Juhl Bach Holding is a family-owned holding company based in Denmark.

Founded in 1995, Juhl Bach Holding specializes in corporate venture activities, and has by now an interesting portfolio of companies spanning from start-ups to mature companies. Today we primarily provide capital and our knowledge to the companies and they are run  daily by the directors that have founded them. Besides our company portfolio, we also possess a portfolio of properties.

Juhl Bach Holding is composed by a team of talented individuals with a flair for strategy and business opportunities.

Our Great Team

Johannes Bach
Chairman of the Management Board

Johannes Bach is one of the founders of Juhl Bach Holding. He manages our overall financial resources, strategic decisions and daily operations. E-mail: jfb@jbholding.com Phone: 20610153

Kristine Bach
CEO & Shareholder

Kristine is our CEO and Shareholder. Beeing one of the owners in Juhl Bach Holding Kristine manages our strategic decisions and daily operations and has expertise in human ressources and administration. Email: kb@jbholding.com Mobile: +45 40621820

Jimmy Holm

Having been with Juhl Bach Holding since 2005 Jimmy Holm knows our coorperation very well and is primarily focused on the financial synergies within the group. His expertise lies within finance, administration and management, and he is very experienced in growing companies from start-ups to mature companies. Email: jiho@jbholding.com Mobile: 20133269

Heidi Nejland
Account specialist

Heidi is amongst other things responsible for making salary payments to most of the companies in the Juhl Bach Holding Group. She is also the GDPR responsible in Juhl Bach holding Email: hene@jbholding.com Mobile: 23363270

Hans Thorhauge
Facility manager

Hans supervises all of our buildings, he is ensuring the basic facilities in our properties, the daily renovations and overall building maintainance. Email:hath@jbholding.com Mobile: 30802702